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4 min readFeb 9, 2021

Nearly everybody needs to turn into a financial specialist in the present period and run the business in a more optimized way. A business can sustain itself if the capital cost of running the business is sustainable. Digitization has played a key role for small businesses to manage the business efficiently.

Fruits and Vegetable stores are leading stores that require a lot of insight on a per-day basis. But before starting, you need to analyze that this idea is right or wrong. Not ignoring the fact that this small business idea has minimum hindrances in the way, but there is relentless competition around here. Having both a physical and digital shop can provide an edge over other competitors.

“An average fruit and vegetable seller sells almost all the vegetables and fruits available according to the season. The potential customers would be almost everyone!”

How to start a fruit and vegetable store in India?

Determine the structure of your fruit and vegetable business, kind, and format.

Home Online Fruit and vegetable store: With an application like the Vardaan and having pictures of your items, you can start a fruit and vegetable selling service online, and you can run it from your home. You don’t even need to open a storefront.

Fruit and vegetable physical shops: One can open a storefront fruit and vegetable where the customers can walk-in, pick up and take away the goods. The merchant can also store items online and get them delivered to the customer's doorstep.

Wholesale store: With selling your products directly to the consumers, you can also sell your products to various other businesses like cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Manage with Vardaan:

Small businesses do not need extravagant and costly software tools; a knowledgeable and reasonable tool is required to maintain a data-driven business. Numerous small businesses tend to die at a beginning phase in India since they don’t have a suitable business management tool to deal with the business and gauge the peril in question.

To serve small businesses, Vardaan can be an excellent asset.

Vardaan- Your very own accountant

With key features in Vardaan like Store Item entry, Inventory management, Order creation, Customer interaction, Expenses, Digital payments, Digital marketing, and many more, a fruit and vegetable store can take advantage of these features and its inbuilt algorithm for calculations related to the business.

The store now can have reports for every business-related query like top-selling item, service or GST report, inventory reports, etc.

The business growth is represented through real-time graphs.

The online fruit and vegetable store

Vardaan can help in expanding the business by making the store available online for the customers. Vardaan gives businesses platforms to go Digital and share their online store with customers via social media. For having your online store, select your customized domain name for the online store link and then share it with your customers via QR code and WhatsApp!

Manage staff digitally and make store operator

Handling the management alone is quite hard, especially when you want to take an off but want your business to run smoothly! Just for days like these, use the store operators feature of Vardaan and give one of your staff the access to run the store on Vardaan.

The Digital store manager

Vardaan manages the store quickly for the business by various features like- Store item management, Inventory management, Order creation, Bahi Khata, Expense management, UPI payment option, and Multiple invoice selection.

You can add the items you provide in the store with various filters like selling price, GST%, description, and stock availability in just a few clicks.

Digital advertiser for the store

Business cards create a great first impression and are an excellent way for advertising the business, so having one designer business card can make it possible.

Vardaan allows you to make your digital business card and share it with customers. You have various options to choose from business card templates and have your business card ready in just a few minutes.

I am starting a fruit and vegetable business in India- Final Words!

You could open your fruit and vegetable store whenever you want to feel it is a good business option. Download Vardaan to better manage your business and follow it to have a successful business of fruit and vegetable stores in India. You could open a paint shop or an electrical hardware shop, or any other company, depending on your business location’s growth potential.



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