How to stay motivated as a Brand new Business owner

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5 min readMar 19, 2021

When people transition from being an employee to owning a business or an entity, they leap from being an employee to their setup leader. It becomes incredibly overwhelming, and at the same time, you require sheer commitment and will to sustain what you have built from being a small part of corporations where you are handling predefined tasks and set goals to set up a task or target with a deadline. One requires a lot of accountability, and it is essential to be self-motivated.

It is challenging, especially when things aren’t going your way and experiencing a rough patch. Business owners get too bogged up in daily operations and get too indulged in working with business rather than working on the business. Another mammoth task is to keep your team motivated while going through the crest and through. Now that is a possibility when an entrepreneur displays impeccable leadership through Discipline and Self-motivation.

How does a new business owner stay motivated when laying a foundation or are in the initial stage? The answer is pretty simple: Dedication, Reflection, Focus, and Patience.

Here are the ways through which you can keep yourself motivated and develop endurance for the long run.

Mission and Vision

Big or Small, every business owner should have a mission and vision statement to define your broader goals and objectives and how you visualize yourself a few years down the line. This will help you grow, but it will keep reminding you of your motive, purpose, and why you are in the game. What significant impact you want to create can be justified by your vision and mission statement.

Alongside, please write it down somewhere it is visible to one and all within a team. It should be a propelling factor for everyone on board.

Action Plan

When you have established a strong mission and vision for the company, it’s time to set an action plan for timely execution. An action plan with a clear deadline will help you foresee your long-term and short-term agendas. You have to understand and define what you want to achieve, primarily daily, weekly, and monthly. The action plan should be broadly classified on individual and team levels.

Often you will find yourself shuffling through deadlines, shifting goalposts, and delaying things. This is the procrastination bubble that you should bust as soon as possible. This brings me to my next point, “Set tangible goals.” Accomplishing smaller victories will boost your confidence, and bear in mind, don’t let your goal turn into a wish.

Pause and Reflect

Often, when you are too indulged in hustling, you tend to lose out on taking a pause. It becomes essential to give yourself that leisure time. It could be anything ranging from an hour daily during lunchtime to a holiday. It’s a high possibility that you can’t catch up on a plane and fly to exquisite destinations. But you can give yourself some small breaks during the day to refresh yourself, and that will give you the room for creativity, relax you, and develop more focus. This will also enable you to clear the clutter in your mind and bounce back more effectively and efficiently.

Get back in touch

While you get into your day-to-day operations, you tend to lose a bigger picture. Hence, it becomes vital to go back to the roots and scratch the surface. Revisit your motive and intentions that why you had this idea in the first place. Profit-making apart, what was your tipping point? These answers will help you re-ignite your enthusiasm, and you will work towards your goal with superior clarity and passion.

Organize your routine.

Often, there is a lot of emphasis being laid on your routine, particularly your morning routine. The reason being these are your most productive hours, and your mind tends to be in a much calmer state. The best way to start is by meditating or observing your breaths. This will help you refresh your thoughts, purify your mind and develop laser-sharp focus. Once you have won the first few hours of your day, there is no doubt you are going to seize the rest of the day. These small things can create a bigger impact on your productivity and, ultimately, your business.

Consume Wisely.

In this world of “Information Overload,” you will thrive if you consume wisely. Just like how you feed your body is of utmost importance, your mind deserves a healthy diet. By that, I mean you have to be very particular on how to denote time for activities that will help you develop perspectives and enhance your vision and outlook towards business and life in general. Be it Books, Podcasts, TED talks, or articles, customize your content as per your interest and consume things that will keep your inspiration intact.

Quality Hibernation

More often than not, sleep is the most underrated aspect of your daily shenanigans. Quality sleep can make you more productive, focused and bring more efficiency to your work. Sleep is never worth sacrificing. Improper sleep can degrade the quality of your work, and you can lose the zeal for working. As Jeff Bezos says, “8 hours of sleep can mold the next 16 hours”.

While you are putting your best foot forwards, reflect on the challenges you had in the past and how you overcame it. We often tend to forget our past victories in the pursuit of what’s in front. It’s said that the motivation doesn’t last long, and so is the bathing. That’s why one needs to get motivated regularly to keep the ball rolling. Never fall back and remember why you love what you do and why you are passionate about keeping your business up and running.



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