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India is going through an incredible wave of change as our economy continues to expand in different verticals. For the first time in our nation, we’re seeing a fast development of the private venture section. With the formation of foundational railroads like affordable cell phones and information, UIDAI, IMPS, and UPI, and the centralized GST system over the most recent couple of years, MSMEs today are uncommonly open to adopting technology and innovation into their business. Understanding their difficulties, we’ve fabricated a ground-breaking level business application that supercharges these ambitious small businesses; and we’re calling it Vardaan- Banaye aapke business ko digital aur aapko aatamnirbhar.

What is Vardaan?

Vardaan is truly what its name suggests, a gift to the small and medium businesses. Vardaan allows small businesses to manage their businesses or stores digitally. It allows small merchants to manage their stores & take the store online. One application, numerous benefits is what Vardaan wishes to offer.

Vardaan now has a wide variety of customers, from businesses that provide services or sell items. At present Vardaan is already supporting +29 different segment types.

“Beginning a small business that provides services is not a cakewalk, be that as it may, building up and staying in the business is a test.”

The kalon spa and salon, a small spa and salon business started and owned by Mrs. Shanaya Sharma, in Bangalore, Karnataka. Mrs. Shanaya was initially facing a lot of challenges in managing her salon business, she was losing track of her business, she was not able to manage the expenses and she was even losing customers because of management that was not up to the mark. Mrs. Sharma was anxious about her business so she started looking for solutions. She first thought of hiring an accountant to manage the business and developing her application to go online. But all this was not under her budget, so she wanted something affordable and different.

While looking for some other solutions, she came across Vardaan and downloaded it from the play store. She started using Vardaan to manage her online and offline business, but how?

How did Vardaan support the Kalon and spa salon?

The objective for Vardaan is to allow businesses to completely operate their store from end to end digitally. The application’s perceptive user interface empowers the vendors to employ it for sales, accounting, and online Marketplace.

Small businesses do not need extravagant and costly software tools, to maintain a data-driven business, a knowledgeable and reasonable tool is required. Numerous small businesses tend to die at a beginning phase in India since they don’t have a sensible apparatus to deal with the business and gauge the peril in question.

With this purpose of serving small businesses, Vardaan became a great help for Mrs. Shanaya Sharma and her salon business.

  1. The Digital store manager for Kalon spa and salon

Vardaan made managing the salon easy for her by various features like- Store item management, Inventory management, Order creation, Bahi Khata, Expense management, UPI payment option, and Multiple invoice selection.

In just a few clicks, Mrs. Sharma added the services she provides in the store with various filters like selling price, GST%, description, and stock availability.

Not only she could manage the services, but she could also manage the business-related expenses by registering expenses like travel, rent, or wages in the expense feature.

In no time she had the track of her expenses and store items with her digital store manager-Vardaan.

2. Vardaan- Her very own accountant

With key features in Vardaan like Store Item entry, Inventory management, Order creation, Customer interaction, Expenses, Digital payments, Digital marketing, and many more. Mrs. Sharma started using these features and its inbuilt algorithm for calculations related to her business.

The kalon spa and salon now have business reports for every business-related query like top-selling item or service or GST report, inventory reports, etc.

Mrs. Sharma was able to track the growth of her business in graphical form with Vardaan’s real-time business dashboard that lets you track your losses, expenses, and profits.

In no time the business management of kalon spa and salon came on track with the help of Vardaan- that makes your business digital!

3. The online spa and salon

Vardaan helped her in expanding her business by making her salon available online for her customers. How?

Vardaan gives the platforms to businesses to go online and share their online store with customers via social media. For having her online store, Mrs. Sharma first selected her customized domain name for the online store link and then shared it with her customers via QR code and WhatsApp!

She could also set the online salon operation timings according to her requirements and she set the charges applicable for online services all in one app- Vardaan!

Now customers could order her services online and enjoy the services by sitting at home.

4. Her digital staff and store operators manager

Handling the management alone is quite hard, especially on the days you want to take an off but want your business to run smoothly! Just for the days like these Mrs. Shanya used the store operators feature of Vardaan and gave one of her most trusted staff the access to run Kalon spa and salon on Vardaan.

Not only this, she could manage her staff with this feature by filling in the basic details of her staff.

Mrs. Shanaya Sharma now manages her store and staff both from one place- Vardaan!

5. Digital advertiser for Kalon spa and salon

Mrs. Sharma always thought that business cards create a great first impression and are a great way for advertising the business, so she wanted to have her one designer business card, which was now possible through Vardaan.

Vardaan allows you to make your digital business card and share it with customers. She had various options to choose from business card templates and have her business card ready in just a few minutes.

Final Words

Vardaan gave Mrs. Sharma a real Vardaan by making her salon business management easy, handy, and all in one place. The kalon spa and salon is now running successfully with almost no challenges to face!

Just like Mrs. Sharma, you can make your business go digital and successful in no time with Vardaan! Download Vardaan now from the play store and AppStore!

The sky’s the limit for us and that should be the same for SMEs, manage your business digitally, expand it by going online, and enjoy more benefits with Vardaan!

“Vardaan- Banaye aapke business ko digital aur aapko aatamnirbhar.”



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